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WELCOME TO ALIALUX production, design, made in Italy state-of-the-art EYEWEAR FREE YOUR IDEAS we take care of everything else!

We bring your ideas to life.

Because the eyewear world needs character, charme, innovation and creativity.

Our World

Alialux is a young reality but it yields more than 25 years of know-how, thanks to a team with consolidated experience in this field, guided by Andrea Ripamonti. Our world is the eyewear world, and we are sure could it become yours too: sunglasses, reading glasses, ski goggles, and everything our unique creativity can lead to.

We have no limits

We are able to begin from a concept, thanks to our prototyping department, make it grow to become real, thanks to our production line, and give a unique touch bound to leave a sign thanks to the most up-to-date technologies. We allow no limit to creativity, each thought, each idea is shaped to become a unique reality.

A great passion

We put our heart into every single product we create. We love our job and are happy to make your dream reality by combining your vision with our knowledge and technologies. With us, you will be able to transform every idea and imagery into a unique product bound to leave a sign!

"It's not enough to be good, you must be the best."


"You don't have to think big, you have to think good."

Mahatma Gandhi

With us, you will be able to transform every idea and imagery into a unique product bound to leave a sign!


Our Products

Our work process

Technical and Design office

The technical office will follow the development of the product providing the client support for every component of it. Design Department will take care of everything concerning aesthetic and everything needed to make real a concept.


Thanks to our specialized department, prototypes are made on the go following the Client's Idea. Tech (STL)

Injection and tumble

6 injection presses, of which one is vertical (75t), 1 wire coring machine (80t) and 4 horizontal (70t tonnage). Tumble for the treatment of every kind of injected material.


Equipped with 2 painting/lacquering robots, 5 manual painting cabins, 6 ovens, 1 washing plant yielding 5 tubs with automatic drying, 2 pressurized plants grant insulation from impure air and maintain temperature and humidity constant.


5 lasers allow us to totally customize the glasses, from the easiest marking to everything that fantasy and design suggestions.


Equipped with 40 workstations and equipment to complete the product and guarantee prime quality before packaging. Lens cut is carried out in outsourcing to fulfill the needed volumes of our productions.

Classic materials


Biologically compatible and safe for skin contact. 20% lighter compared to conventional materials.


Valuable material obtained by cotton fibers. Resistant and elastic


Stable material with optimum aging properties and excellent mechanical ones


Plastic materials can be combined with precious metals to manufacture glasses and components.


Different types of rubber and siicones, employed for noses, endpieces and details.

Bio materials


Biological, renewable, recyclable, sustainable.


Cotton Cellulose Acetate, enriched with natural fiber as Linen, Aluminium, Cork, Basalt.


Optimum quality material, environment friendly. Fabricated by re-granulating production waste.


TR90 Enriched with carbenium, among all plastics is absolutely the most resistant to temperatures. Highly sought-after material for its robustness, flexibility, and lightweight.


TR90 enriched with Grafene’s uncontaminated nano-platelets.

The team

For Alialux's Team, led by Andrea Ripamonti, each new idea is taken as a challenge. The client's objective becomes the Team's objective, that, cooperating and with plenty of creativity, transforms it into a finished product, overcoming any limit or obstacle, supplying the client with maximum support at 360°.


Come and visit us, we will be happy to welcome you!

Alialux is located in Angera's industrial area, an enchanting town dominated by its marvelous Rocca Borromeo, on Lake Maggiore, 30 minutes from Malpensa airport.
To reach us, you just have to follow the motorway towards Gravellona Toce, up to Sesto Calende's exit and follow the signs leading to Angera, Via Napoli 42 21021.